An Inside Look At Vapor Fresh

The #1 Cleaning Products Brand For The Sports & Fitness Industry

It started with one simple idea...

Back in 2008, our founder Stephen Steinberg was playing hockey at the University of Maryland and had a problem - his hockey pads were making his dorm room smell like a locker room.

There were no cleaning sprays for sports pads back then, so he developed one that was botanically-based. After seeing how well it worked, he started selling it to college athletics programs, and Vapor Fresh was born.

Fast forward to today, Vapor Fresh has an entire line of stronger, safer, greener cleaning products for active lifestyles. In 2018, his brother Eric Steinberg joined the company, making this a true family business.

Today Vapor Fresh is based in Arlington, Virginia and has multiple distribution warehouses nationwide.

Vapor Fresh Family Of Products

We believe you shouldn't have to choose between powerful cleaning and safe cleaning - you need both, especially when it comes to sports pads and fitness equipment.

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What Drives Vapor Fresh Forward?

Commitment To Quality

We commit to continuously improving our products and introducing new ones in order to help you lead a cleaner, healthier life.

Always Be Innovating

There's always room to make even the best things better. We strive to never be complacent.


We don't believe you have to choose between sustainability and performance. We commit to being part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Utmost Integrity

We'll always rise above other brands that use shady business practices and dishonest marketing claims. We want to earn your trust the right way.

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