The Best Cleaning Spray for Hockey Equipment

Posted by BigCommerce on Dec 30, 2022

The Best Cleaning Spray for Hockey Equipment

Published December 30, 2022

When you think about the best hockey players, they are always versatile. When you think about the best cleaning spray for hockey equipment, the same is true. It’s safe to say Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning Spray does it all. It’s the complete player, the Gretzky of cleaning and deodorizing products.

As you may know, the hockey stench is quite the nasty opponent. But with a superstar like Vapor Fresh in your bag, you can fight off those unpleasant odors and leave your gear smelling like an all-star.

Below are some tips on choosing a cleaning spray for your hockey pads and some advice on how to use it for maximum performance.

Why Use A Hockey Cleaning Spray?

If you want to truly deep clean your hockey pads and remove every ounce of odor, the only option you have is to toss your hockey pads in the washing machine. But there’s two problems with this.

First, not everything can go in the washing machine, such as your skates, helmet and gloves. Second, who has time for that anyway? You need something quicker and more convenient!

Nothing is more convenient than a cleaning spray made specifically for hockey pads. Give everything a quick spray after every practice and game while your equipment is airing out and you’ve tackled the majority of the problem.

Best Way To Use A Hockey Equipment Cleaning Spray

For the best results, it is important to be proactive and attack the odor right away. It is important to start the cleaning routine as soon as possible right when you get home after a practice or game.

First, spray all your gear down with the best hockey cleaning spray you can find. Be sure to get the insides of the gloves and skates, as well as both sides of your shoulder pads, shin guards and helmet.

Next, make sure you let your equipment air dry completely. It would be best to remove all your equipment from your bag, but if that’s not possible, at least leave your bag wide open in a room with good air circulation.

Attack early and your nose will thank you later!

For more specific information on best cleaning practices for your hockey gear, check out our article on How To Keep Hockey Equipment Clean and Odor-Free.

What To Look For In A Hockey Cleaning Spray

Again, the best sports cleaning products don’t compromise on anything - they do it all.

We believe you should only be using a cleaning spray on your hockey gear that meets all these requirements in order to keep your equipment safe and your body free from skin irritation:

  • Smells great for both men’s and women’s hockey equipment
  • Completely free of harsh chemicals that will irritate your skin
  • Safe to use on all sports pads
  • Strong enough to deal with tough hockey odors
  • Utilizes natural ingredients where possible

What Makes Vapor Fresh The Best?

Vapor Fresh checks the five boxes that every elite sports cleaning spray should have:

Smells incredibly FRESH
Plant based natural ingredients
Safe for *all* sports pads and equipment making it very versatile
The strength to eliminate even the gnarliest hockey odors
Free of irritating bleach and quats

Vapor Fresh is able to fight hockey odors safely and effectively thanks to a proprietary blend of essential oils. By using plant-based, non-irritating, and non-toxic ingredients, you’ll never have to worry about our spray causing any issues.

Because so many pieces of hockey equipment are directly touching your skin, it is even more important to use a non-irritating solution like Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning Spray.

The Solution Is Simple

The stories of smelly hockey equipment go back all the way to the hockey’s origin on the frozen pond. Hockey moms and hockey players have never had a safe, effective, alcohol-free, and non-toxic solution…until now.

In the wise words of Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So, grab the nearest bottle of Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning Spray, aim it at the nearest piece of hockey equipment and take the shot!

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