How To Eliminate Odor From Your Allbirds For Good

Posted by Angela Tague on Apr 12, 2021

How To Eliminate Odor From Your Allbirds For Good

Angela Tague Angela Tague | March 22, 2021

They're your go-to outdoor running companion. They also accompany you to the gym and sometimes work. After all, Allbirds really are that comfortable and versatile. But, after so much wear, they can build up an odor even worse than other sneakers. So, let's kick those bad smells to the curb and freshen your favorite shoes ASAP.

How To Wash Your Allbirds If They’re Already Smelly

You love your Allbirds for their soft, lightweight fit. That's because they're made from superfine Merino wool from New Zealand. What you might not love to hear is that as they wick perspiration from your feet to keep you cozy, they're making your shoes extra stinky. Thankfully, Allbirds are machine washable and can be tossed in with your next load of laundry on a cold water, gentle cycle. (Get detailed washing instructions for your Allbirds here.)

Preventing Odor Is The Name Of The Game With Allbirds

After a thorough wash, you can help prevent a build-up of odors with a little routine maintenance. First, although some people prefer going sockless, socks are the first line of defense from sweat getting soaked into the fibers of your Allbirds. Additionally, we suggest keeping a bottle of Vapor Fresh® Natural Sports Cleaning Spray around to quickly clean and deodorize your Allbirds as soon as you slip them off your feet. All it takes is a few sprays to the interiors of the shoes and the natural cleaning power of plants will take over from there. And since it’s specifically designed for sports equipment, you don’t have to worry about skin irritation! Just be sure to leave your Allbirds in an area with good air flow where they can air dry as opposed to your gym bag or car trunk.

For Those With Extra Sweaty Feet, Do This

We're gym-lovers too and understand that some people just naturally perspire more. So, use our tried and true two-prong approach to keeping those Allbirds from harboring odors. First, before your workout, sprinkle your clean, dry feet with Vapor Fresh® Natural Foot, Shoe & Glove Powder, especially if you are going sockless. Then, add a sprinkle of the powder to the interior of your Allbirds, slip 'em on and go about your day! Got sensitive skin? No worries! Our foot & shoe powder is free of irritating artificial fragrance and talc, making it safe to use directly on your skin.

If you're headed to the gym several days each week, it's common to notice odors in your shoes. Just like the rest of your workout gear, give your Allbirds a little TLC and they'll be feeling (and smelling) fresh each time you lace up!