How To Keep Lacrosse Equipment Clean and Odor-Free

Aug 20, 2019

How To Keep Lacrosse Equipment Clean and Odor-Free

Stephen Steinberg, Founder of Raw Athletics and Vapor Fresh Stephen Steinberg | August 20, 2019

Here at Vapor Fresh, we understand that lacrosse equipment accumulates more sweat and dirt than most other sporting gear, making it one of the toughest types of sports equipment to clean. Those heavy pads, gloves and jerseys roll around in the mud, soak up sweat and become a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.

Follow these tips to keep your lacrosse equipment, clean, fresh and odor-free throughout the season!

Prevention Is The Name Of The Game

Unventilated spaces are an invitation for moisture to sit and odors to fester. Stay one step ahead of the stink by making simple adjustments to your post-game routine to ensure your pads dry out quickly and completely.

First and foremost, allow your lacrosse pads to dry out immediately after use before throwing them back in a bag. The quicker you begin the drying process the better off your lacrosse equipment will be in the long run. Pro tip: on the ride home, leave lacrosse bags open and roll your car windows down to increase airflow, if possible. This helps more than you think! And start washing your lacrosse jerseys and washing your base layer of clothing immediately to prevent stains and keep them as fresh as possible.

Use A Sports Cleaning Spray

One of the best proactive ways to fight odor on your lacrosse equipment is by spraying everything down with a safe yet powerful sports cleaning spray after every use. After spraying, keep lacrosse equipment in a ventilated space to continue the drying process. Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray is 100% natural and does not use harmful chemicals like ammonia, chlorine and artificial fragrances. It fights tough odors at the source with all-natural non-toxic ingredients that get the job done right.

Pay Close Attention To Glove & Cleats

It is possible to clean and deodorize hard-to-reach places inside lacrosse gloves and shoes. Once gloves and shoes are removed, start the drying process. Make sure the glove openings are facing up so they can air out properly. If possible, remove the insoles from cleats to allow sufficient airflow and wipe away any grass or dirt on the cleats with a damp towel.

While everything is drying, spray just 2-3 pumps of Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray inside everything and allow them to continue drying.

For cleats and gloves that are already extremely smelly and could use some extra cleaning power, you could also sprinkle a little Vapor Fresh Foot, Shoe & Glove Powder inside to soak up any remaining moisture. This powder is a 100% safe and natural way to eliminate moisture and make lacrosse equipment last as long as possible, all without irritating Talc or artificial fragrances. It’s best used a few hours after the spray.

Wipe Away Sweat From Your Helmet

Don’t cut corners when cleaning lacrosse helmets! Even though Vapor Fresh Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray is designed as a leave-on spray, it works fantastically well for wiping away sweat and grime. After every practice or game, spray the inside and outside of the helmet and wipe down with a rag or paper towel. Then let it continue to air out upside down to dry out completely before next use.

Don’t Forget About Shoulder Pads and Elbow Pads

Make sure you unstrap everything on your shoulder pads and elbow pads to allow them to expand as much as possible to help improve airflow. While everything is opened up, spray both sides with a hockey pad cleaning spray like Vapor Fresh and allow everything to dry. For these larger items, you may have to flip once through the drying process to help speed it up.

Do An Occasional Deep Clean

Once or twice a season, it’s inevitable that you will need to give your lacrosse gear a deep clean. Unfortunately, most pieces are not well-suited for a washer or dryer as they can shrink or damage them. Instead, fill a large bucket or bathtub with warm water and non-irritating hand or body soap and allow shoulder pads and elbow pads to soak. Afterwards, rinse everything down in the shower or in a bucket without soap, then place out on a towel to dry. You may have to allow one or two days for heavy lacrosse equipment to dry completely.

Make Your Cleaning Routine A Priority!

Make sure to keep your lax gear fresh throughout the season so it will last through years of practices and games. We hope our Vapor Fresh line of powerful green cleaning products helps you along the way!