How To Wash Adidas Clothes

Posted by Stephen Steinberg on Sep 12, 2016

How To Wash Adidas Clothes

Stephen Steinberg, Founder of Raw Athletics and Vapor Fresh Stephen Steinberg | September 12, 2016

Adidas Care Instructions

For a general guideline on how to wash sports apparel, please see our General Guidelines for Washing Sports Apparel.

Adidas is one of the largest brands of activewear apparel. From shirts, socks, shorts, bras, outerwear, shoes, they do it all. You probably own at least a few items.

Did you know all of your gym clothes, including your Adidas activewear, are made from performance fabrics that have completely different care instructions than your everyday clothes?

It actually makes sense if you think about it: Your everyday clothes aren’t meant to wick sweat away from your body. Your everyday clothes aren’t made to enhance your athletic performance. So of course they will have different washing instructions!

Recommended Washing Instructions For Adidas Clothing

Your Adidas clothes have very similar washing requirements as all other performance clothing. Here’s how to wash your Adidas gym clothes:

Wash As Soon As Possible
Sometimes this conflicts with your schedule, but when it’s possible, wash your gym clothes as soon as possible. At the very minimum, don’t keep them enclosed in something like a gym bag for any extended period of time. The longer they are kept in a constricted environment, the longer bacteria and germs have to grow and embed themselves deep into the wicking fabrics. After a while, these germs and odors will be very difficult to eliminate, even with a great laundry detergent.

Wash Inside Out
Wash your Adidas gym clothes inside out. This will prevent the fabric from pilling, and it will also give the dirtiest parts of your clothes direct access to the laundry detergent and allow it to do its job.

Wash Separately From Towels, Denims and Things With Zippers
When you mix different types of fabrics in a load of laundry or you overfill your washing machine, the clothes create friction between each other and wear each other down prematurely. Be sure to remove any denims, towels or things with zippers before running a wash with your Adidas clothes. These things create an unusually high amount of friction on your gym clothes and will certainly wear them down faster than usual.

Machine Wash Cold
It’s best to wash your gym clothes in cold water. Most brands actually recommended it directly on their care instructions. Warm and hot water can wear down your clothes faster than cold water. Unfortunately, warm and hot water usually provide a deeper clean, so it’s important to use a detergent specifically meant for cold water to ensure you get a complete clean.

Use A Powder Detergent
Powder detergents are much more effective at washing away sweat, body oils and stains than liquid detergents. Since those are the main culprits with your gym laundry, it makes sense to opt for a great powder detergent.

Avoid Fragrances and Dyes
You’ll want to avoid fragrances and dyes when washing performance clothing. Those additives are meant to remain on your clothing even after the wash is done. But by doing so, those additives clog the pores of your gym clothes. This makes your Adidas gym clothes less effective at wicking away sweat from your body, and it also traps odors and bacteria within the pores of the fabric.

Air Dry
Dryers are very bad for gym clothes. They will wear down your gym clothes faster than anything. So if you want your gym clothes to last a long time, avoid the dryer at all cost and air dry your clothes instead! If for whatever reason you absolutely have to use the dryer, at least avoid the dryer sheets, since they will also leave a residue on the surface of the fabrics and cause problems exactly like fragrances and dyes.

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