How To Wash Alo Yoga Leggings & Apparel

Posted by Angela Tague on Jul 30, 2021

How To Wash Alo Yoga Leggings & Apparel

Angela Tague Angela Tague
July 30, 2021

Another sweaty spin class, Ashtanga yoga flow or lifting session is in the books. Go, you! Now to peel off that Alo Yoga athletic wear and toss it in the laundry basket. But, wait! To keep your favorite Alo leggings, shorts, tops and bras in tip-top shape, they need a little more TLC than your everyday clothes. Follow these five steps and your Alo will be just as ready as you are next time you head to the gym.

How To Wash Alo Yoga Leggings & Apparel

Performance clothing tends to harbor, well, odors. You can't expect to drench the fibers with sweat every time you wear them and not notice a lingering scent. When it comes to the brand Alo Yoga, here's the best way to banish the funk from your workout clothes after each wear according to Alo themselves. These care tips apply to all five Alo fabrics: Airlift, Airbrush, Alosoft, Micro waffle and Vapor.

Turn them inside out before washing. It’s always recommended to turn activewear inside out prior to washing them, but let’s be honest- you’re not going to wash them immediately after use. Therefore, we always recommend that you turn your Alo clothing inside-out immediately after use before throwing it in your hamper. This way, you won't forget later, and this also helps to reduce pilling not only while in the washing machine but also while your Alo clothes are brushing against other items in your hamper. This will keep your Alo looking fresh and new longer.

Choose cold water. As you set the washing machine, select a cold wash option to keep the colors vibrant and electric bill low. Using cold water also helps reduce fiber shrinking and shortening, which over time, can lead to tears or improper fit.

Select a gentle cycle. This might be labeled 'delicates', 'hand wash' or 'gentle' on your machine. It should have a slower spin cycle to reduce friction and agitation among the articles of clothing.

Don’t wash together with towels. While it may be tempting to toss your workout towel in with your sweaty clothes, don't. The thick cotton and abrasive nature of even the softest towels will cause too much friction between the towel and your Alo clothing, which will cause your Alo clothing to start pilling. This means it's best to wash towels in a load of their own.

Avoid bleach. You should never, ever use bleach on any of your performance clothing. A long time ago this was the best and only way to truly clean laundry, but luckily today there are much more modern methods out there. And, skip the fabric softeners if you want to keep the velvety texture of your Alo intact. More on this further down in the post!

Tumble or hang dry. Using a low heat setting on the dryer or putting your Alo wear on the clothesline to dry is the best way to keep the fabric feeling like new.

Alo recommends washing your apparel after each wear. Although you may feel ready to slip into the leggings a few days in a row after lighter workouts, they need the TLC of a fresh wash and refresh to ensure their longevity and performance.

Additional Care Tips for Your Alo Apparel

You may have already noticed, but the team members here at Vapor Fresh are experts when it comes to laundry! Here are a few additional tips from our team to help keep your Alo clothing as fresh and as new as possible:

Use a free & gentle laundry detergent. This is where the magic happens. When you choose a detergent that is free of additives like brighteners, softeners and fragrances that clog fabric pores, if your clothes look and smell clean after the wash, you know those stains and odors are eliminated and not just covered up. The problem is that most free & gentle laundry detergents just aren’t strong enough to completely eliminate sweaty, musty odors and inevitable stains from your gym clothes. Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent Powder fits the bill, and won't cause skin irritation for those with sensitive skin.

Avoid washing other items together that can damage your Alo. No one wants to do more laundry than they have to, so most people don’t separate their laundry into different loads if they don’t have to. Luckily, if you’re using a strong free & clear laundry detergent like Vapor Fresh, you don’t have to worry about that - everything can go in one load and you won’t sacrifice cleaning power! However, be mindful that you don’t wash your Alo clothing with items that may snag the sheer Alo fabric. Clothing to avoid mixing with your workout clothes includes:

  • Bras with hook and loop fasteners
  • Any clothing with zippers
  • Studded or rhinestone-embellished clothing
  • Rough fabrics, like denim or corduroy

Clean Your Workout Equipment, Too

Finally, don't forget to give the rest of your workout gear some freshening. Browse these guides for help tips and ideas.

You don't skimp on your workouts. Keep the same mindset for your number-one workout buddy, your favorite clothing Alo clothing. How you care for your Alo yoga leggings and apparel matters if you want them to stay in tip-top shape.

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