How To Wash Your Yoga Pants Properly

Posted by Stephen Steinberg on Oct 24, 2017

How To Wash Your Yoga Pants Properly

Stephen Steinberg, Founder of Raw Athletics and Vapor Fresh Stephen Steinberg | October 24, 2017

If you’re reading this, you probably own a lot of yoga pants and wear them regularly. While you should never think twice about wearing yoga pants -- because they are ALWAYS appropriate! -- you should, however, think twice about how you wash them.

Don’t let your money go to waste by deteriorating your yoga pants faster than usual. Take care of them properly and they will last you a long time! Here are our tips for properly washing and caring for your yoga pants:

Don’t Wash With Towels Or Things With Zippers

The ideal situation is to separate your laundry and wash similar fabrics together. But we all know that’s probably not happening. And that’s ok! You can absolutely wash your yoga pants with the rest of your clothes, but the three things you should separate out are towels, denims and things with zippers. Towels and denims are rough and will ruin athletic fabrics if they rub against them in the wash, and zippers can get caught on other pieces of clothing and ruin them as well. This is why it’s always recommended to separate those items out when washing any technical fabrics.

Wash Yoga Pants Inside-Out

Washing your yoga pants inside-out provides two big benefits. First, all of your sweat and body oils will accumulate on the inside of the yoga pants, so by washing them inside-out you help the laundry detergent come in direct contact with the surface it needs to clean the most. Second, yoga pants are just as much of a fashion statement as they are a functional piece of clothing. By washing them inside-out, you can help preserve the colors and style of the outer layer of the pants and help them look newer for longer.

Wash Yoga Pants In Cold Water

The instructions on the labels of most yoga pants, including the washing instructions for Lululemon, suggest washing in cold water. This is usually because it will extend the life of your yoga pants by preventing shrinking and fading colors. This also comes with the additional benefit of being eco-friendly since washing your laundry in cold water can reduce your carbon footprint by 864lbs+ per year.

Use The Right Detergent

Washing your yoga pants properly is only half the battle. Your yoga pants will come out of the wash fresh and clean every time if you’re using the right detergent. What is the right detergent? If you do end up washing in cold water, you’ll want a laundry detergent formulated for a cold-water wash. Also if you have sensitive skin, you’ll want a laundry detergent designed for sensitive skin especially since yoga pants fit snug against your skin and any residue your detergent leaves will certainly irritate your skin. For most people, Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent is the best option when washing a load of laundry that contains yoga pants.

Air Dry Your Yoga Pants

Unless you’re in a real pinch for time, you really should never put gym clothes or yoga pants in the dryer. Doing so will risk shrinking and risk deteriorating the fabric much faster than usual, both leaving your yoga pants uncomfortable. Keep your yoga pants fresh and comfortable by air drying them after the wash. Laying them flat to dry is best- you may need to turn them over a few times to get them completely dry.


There you have it, our best tips for washing and caring for your yoga pants. You may also be interested in our tips to care for your yoga mat properly and what to look for in a yoga mat cleaning spray. Protect your investment and extend the life of your yoga pants and yoga mat by washing and caring for them properly!