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Patent-Pending Washable Boxing Glove Dog With Antimicrobial Fabric And Replaceable Inserts

Don't waste your money on average boxing glove dogs don't last long. Get Vapor Fresh® Boxing Glove Dogs, the first boxing glove dog with removable and replaceable inserts!

  • Patent-Pending Design With Replaceable Inserts. The first and only boxing glove dog with the ability to remove and replace moisture absorbing inserts.
  • Made From Antimicrobial Fabric To Resist Odors. Without antimicrobial protection, your glove dogs will quickly become a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs are made from antimicrobial fabric that fights the growth of germs.
  • Breathable Fabric For More Efficient Moisture Control. Made from a very breathable athletic fabric that allows for optimal moisture exchange between the glove dogs and the moisture within the boxing gloves, while also allowing for proper airflow inside the boxing glove.
  • Proudly Made in the USA. Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs and inserts are proudly manufactured in the United States and distributed out of our warehouse in Pennsylvania

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After boxing gloves are used, place one boxing glove on each end of the glove dog and then allow to hang dry. For optimal cleanliness, spray boxing gloves with Vapor Fresh® Cleaning Spray and allow to dry briefly prior to inserting Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs.

Care Instructions:

To clean your Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs, remove inserts and replace with fresh ones every three months or when they lose their odor and moisture absorbing properties, whichever comes first. While the inserts are removed from the Glove Dog, you may machine wash the Glove Dogs in cold water on a gentle cycle and air dry. It's recommended to use a detergent free of fragrances, dyes and brighteners and one that can eliminate sweat and body oils effectively, such as Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I extend the life of my boxing gloves?
Check out our guide to cleaning boxing gloves. It goes over preventative maintenance tips as well as suggestions on produdcts and procedures to keep your boxing gloves fresh and clean. Additionally, if you want to be even more proactive in preventing odors, you can spray Vapor Fresh® Cleaning Spray into your boxing gloves right after use and right before putting them on the glove dogs.
How do you wash these glove dogs?
One of the main benefits of having removable inserts in your glove dog is that you can machine wash them when the inserts are removed! Simply remove the inserts and wash the glove dogs in cold water on a gentle cycle, or hand wash them. Using a dryer is not recommended, let them air dry instead. We highly recommend using a detergent like Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent that is free & clear of fragrances, dyes and brighteners, and one that can effectively wash away sweat and body oils. Wait for the glove dogs to be completely dry prior to inserting new inserts.
How often should I replace the inserts?
We recommend replacing the inserts every three months, or once you feel like the odor and moisture absorbing power is diminishing, whichever comes first. It will ultimately depend on your usage and how sweaty the boxing gloves are that you're storing.