Vapor Fresh® Natural Foot, Shoe & Glove Powder (Case of 12)


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Keep your feet and shoes dry and odor-free with our 100% natural foot & shoe powder! Completely free of talc and artificial fragrances.

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A Powerful Foot & Shoe Powder Designed For Your Active Lifestyle

Eliminates moisture and odor 100% naturally without talc or artificial fragrances

Eliminate moisture & odor 100% naturally!

Thoughtfully formulated with the most effective all-natural moisture & odor eliminating ingredients.

Perfect for spin shoes & cycling shoes

Keep your valuable spin shoes fresh and clean. Great workouts don't have to smell bad.

Completely free of talc and artificial fragrances

We formulated one of the most effective foot & shoe powders you'll ever come across without the use of artificial fragrance and talc.

What Drives Vapor Fresh Forward?

Commitment To You

Always Be Innovating


Utmost Integrity


Not tested on animals and Made in the USA!

Ingredient Function

Sodium Bicarbonate

Moisture and odor eliminator

Kaolin Clay

Moisture and odor eliminator

Eucalyptus globulus

Natural fragrance

Mentha piperita

Natural fragrance

Directions For Best Results:

Use daily or anytime you want to freshen your feet, shoes or gloves. Sprinkle liberally in shoes or gloves after use, or on thoroughly washed and dried feet. To prevent clumping, shake out excess powder from shoes or gloves before next use.

Product Specs:

Package Dimensions

2" W x 2" L x 6" H

Product Net Weight

6 oz

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Vapor Fresh® Foot, Shoe & Glove Powder free of Talc?

Talc naturally contains asbestos, but since the 1970s all talc on the market has been asbestos free. Even with that safety precaution, talc is still suspected to cause cancer. A study showed that women who use talc in the genital area had a one-third higher chance of developing ovarian cancer. It was unacceptable to us to include an ingredient that dangerous in any of our products. Luckily we were able to develop an outstanding foot, shoe and glove powder without it.

Why should I use a shoe powder anyway?

Feet are smelly. Some people's feet are smellier than others. And when you get a great workout in, your shoes take a real beating. The best way to keep your shoes odor-free and prevent future health issues such as athletes foot or toenail fungus is to keep your shoes as dry as possible. When air drying shoes isn't enough, people turn to shoe powders.

How does Vapor Fresh® Foot, Shoe & Glove Powder eliminate odor in gloves?

Odor is a byproduct of germs, and germs prosper in moist environments. Gloves do not have very good airflow, which makes it very difficult for them to fully air dry. By rapidly eliminating moisture, Vapor Fresh® Foot, Shoe & Glove Powder can assist in eliminating odor in all of your sports gloves.