Natural Moisture & Odor Eliminating Inserts (Pair of 2) **TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT**

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Vapor Fresh® All-Natural Moisture & Odor Eliminating Bags

Where there is moisture, there are germs. These bags are filled with a super absorbing, 100% biodegradable corn cob material to draw moisture and eliminate odors. They fit perfectly inside of our Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs, but are also great for shoes, gym bags, sports bags, lockers and more.   Also Available On Amazon >>

  • Fit perfectly into our patent-pending boxing glove dogs. These inserts fit perfectly into our patent-pending Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs, allowing for easy storage as well as odor and moisture control for your boxing gloves.
  • 100% Super Absorbing Biodegradable Material. Filled with a 100% biodegradable material that has extraordinary moisture absorbing capabilities, providing the most environmentally-friendly way to clean your sports equipment.
  • Free Of Synthetic Fragrances. Choose from either our unscented bags or our scented bags that only use 100% natural fragrances
  • Proudly Made in the USA. Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs and their inserts are proudly manufactured in the United States and distributed out of our warehouse in Pennsylvania.


When you're ready to replace the inserts in your Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs, simply open the flaps and remove the inserts. While the inserts are removed, you may optionally decide to machine wash your glove dog. You may then replace new inserts, making sure that they are inserted to match the shape of the outer shell of the glove dogs for a perfect fit.

We suggest replacing the inserts in your Glove Dogs every 3 months, or when you notice the moisture absorbing capacity diminishing, which ever comes first.

Also perfect for leaving in your shoes, gym bags, sports bags and lockers after use to draw out excess moisture and help prevent mold, mildew and odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these inserts mainly used for?
These moisture and odor absorbing inserts are perfect to clean and deodorize gym bags, running shoes, cleats, hockey gloves, hockey skates, hockey bags, lacrosse gloves, lockers and more!
What are these inserts filled with?
Our moisture and odor eliminating inserts are filled with a special super-absorbing biodegradable dried corn cob filling. It is grown and produces in the USA, is 100% all natural and renewable.
Why are these better than activated charcoal?
This special super-absorbing dried corn cob can pull in moisture from it's surrounding environment very efficiently, which helps keep odor-causing bacteria at bay since they thrive in moist environments. Activated charcoal is effective at trapping odor molecules from it's environment, but it does nothing to handle the root cause of the odor.
Do you sell these moisture absorbing inserts in bulk?
Yes! You can purchases these by the case of 20 pairs by choosing the case quantity above.