Our Story

Stephen Steinberg founded Raw Athletics, the company behind Vapor Fresh, back in 2008 for one reason- to develop stronger and safer cleaning products that could keep up with an active lifestyle.

While playing hockey at the University of Maryland, Stephen ran into a terrible problem- his hockey equipment made his dorm room smell more like a locker room. He needed something to keep the hockey odor under control. When he couldn't find any products strong enough that were free of irritating chemicals, he decided to develop a better sports equipment cleaning spray himself.

Fast forward to today. That natural sports cleaning spray is now being used nationwide by gyms, schools, sports teams and families across the country, and it's just one item within an entire line of Vapor Fresh cleaning products specifically designed for an active lifestyle. From laundry detergents for cleaning activewear and sports jerseys, to disinfecting wipes for gym equipment to keep gyms safe and sanitary, Vapor Fresh has become the #1 brand of stronger & safer cleaning products for healthy & active lifestyles.

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