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Try two of the best selling Vapor Fresh natural cleaning products for active lifestyles bundled together at a discount!

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Try Our Best Selling Products For One Low Bundled Price!

Vapor Fresh® has everything you need to keep your active lifestyle fresh and clean. Here's you chance to stock up on all of our best selling products for a deeply discounted price.

A Spray For Sports Pads Like Hockey, Football & Boxing

All sports pads smell horrible. Use a cleaning spray strong enough for the job but also safe enough to use on your protective sports pads that will eventually come in contact with your skin.

a natural sports pads cleaning spray for hockey equipment, football equipment, soccer equpiment, boxing gloves and more

A Spray For Home Gym Equipment Like Spin Bikes & Yoga Mats

Unfortunately your home gym doesn't have a dedicated cleaning staff like the gym down the road. But now you can clean like you do! Great for use on spin bikes, treadmills, yoga mats, weights and more.

botanically based cleaning spray for spin bikes, pelotons, home gyms, yoga mats and more

A Laundry Detergent For Your Active Lifestyle

Is your laundry detergent designed to keep up with your active lifestyle and extend the life of your favorite activewear, all while avoiding unnecessary additives like fragrances and dyes?

laundry detergent free of irritating fragrances and dyes designed for your sports active lifestyle

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What The Experts Say About Vapor Fresh®

"After buying countless other cleaning products for our fitness center, I chose to contact Raw Athletics and purchase Vapor Fresh Cleaning Spray. From the start our student and student-athletes loved the smell but it also brought a higher level of cleanliness to our facilities. We also now purchase the laundry detergent to wash our student-athletes' uniforms. Raw Athletics is a quality company and I highly recommend these products."
Christian Allen, M.S., CSCS
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach / Fitness Coordinator
Stockton University


"Want something that actually eliminates hockey equipment odors? Vapor Fresh works, I love it! I’ve tried them all, from dryer sheets to other deodorizers, but I’m always most impressed with Vapor Fresh!"
Jody Anderson
Author of "Hockey Moms Aren’t Crazy"