Vapor Fresh® Spray + Laundry Detergent + Disinfecting Gym Wipes Bundle

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Try three of the best selling Vapor Fresh natural cleaning products for active lifestyles bundled together at a discount!

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Three Best Selling Vapor Fresh Products.
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Vapor Fresh® has everything you need to keep your active lifestyle fresh & clean. Stock up on all of our best selling products at a deeply discounted price!

A botanically based cleaning spray for sports equipment

Strong enough for smelly sports pads, safe enough to eventually come in contact with your skin. Perfect for hockey pads, football pads, lacrosse pads, cleats, boxing gloves & more.

A laundry detergent made for your active lifestyle

Is your laundry detergent designed to keep up with your active lifestyle and extend the life of your favorite activewear, all while avoiding unnecessary additives like fragrances and dyes?

Disinfecting wipes made for small studios & home gyms

Use citric acid to disinfect instead of quaternary ammonium compounds, which have skin, eye, lung and reproductive health concerns. Even with a greener chemistry, we disinfect fast and are EPA List N for Coronavirus!

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