Wall-Mounted Metal Gym Wipe Dispenser

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High-Quality Wall-Mounted Metal Gym Wipe Dispenser

This high-quality, Made in America metal wall dispenser is great for gyms that want to provide a sleek, premium experience for their members. Plastic wall dispensers look cheap and break often. This metal wall dispenser provides the convenience and space-saving benefits of a wall-mounted dispenser with the strength and resilience of a metal floor dispenser. The mount is also removable so this works perfectly as a table top dispenser as well!

  • Strong And Durable. Gym wipe dispensers get constant use and are usually handled rough by members. Plastic dispensers and buckets simply won't get the job done consistently while providing your members with a positive experience. The strength and sturdiness of this metal wall-mounted dispenser ensures that it will last a very long time even with consistent use.
  • Premium Quality At Affordable Price. This wall-mounted metal gym wipe dispenser is more affordable than a floor gym wipe dispenser yet is of much higher quality than a plastic dispenser. This dispenser provides the best of both worlds-- premium quality at an affordable price.
  • Sleek And Stylish. The only dispenser that provides a premium experience and sleek, stylish design that can be mounted on a wall. Other wall-mounted options are plastic and flimsy. Top gyms pay attention to details to make their customers feel special, and a metal wall dispenser can provide that experience at an affordable price.
  • Can Be Used As Table Top Dispenser. The wall-mount for this unit is not attached to the dispenser, so aside from two small holes on this unit it works perfectly as a metal table top gym wipe dispenser.
  • Proudly Made in the USA. This wall-mounted metal gym wipe dispenser is manufactured in New York and distributed out of our warehouse in Pennsylvania.


Dimensions: 10x10x10" (L" x W" x H")

Weight: 5lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this dispenser fit our gym wipe rolls?
Yes! Unless you're using an unusually wide gym wipe roll, this dispenser will fit your gym wipes. It can fit rolls up to about 8.5" in diameter, and nearly every single brand falls within that size.
Additional Info

Additional Info

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